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When to visit us

Like the rest of Malaysia, the weather is very hard to predict in Cameron Highlands so it is best to come prepared. While there can be heavy downpours in the highlands, they average for about one to two hours, leaving the rest of the day perfect for exploring the hills.

On an average, the highlands are usually wetter from May to September while the driest and hottest month is usually in February. For the rest of the year, the weather may vary with strong bursts of sunlight, light rain or cloudy skies throughout the day.

Temperatures average at 23℃ in the day and 16℃ in the night. This is the reason why Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia's coolest and most relaxing holiday destinations.

What to pack

Remember to pack for the cold. Temperatures can drop to 16℃ or lower so a thick scarf, woolen jacket and long pants will come in handy. Also bring along a light raincoat or umbrella just in case.

If you are planning to bring home fresh vegetables, a cool box will come in handy. Also, bring along some tupperwares if you want to keep your strawberries or passion fruits bruise-free for the ride back. There will never be short of farms and orchards to shop for fresh food.

If you are prone to carsickness, the winding roads getting to Cameron Highlands can be quite a challenge so make sure you pack some motion sickness pills, scented oils or mint for the ride up. There are many pharmacies on the hilltop should you need more medication.